I leave you a video of one of the songs that make up my last and fifth album under the pseudonym F.R.A.N., the title of the song is Steps, and it is the fourth track on the album entitled The green forest (Mother)


The Green Forest on all music platforms

Today, May 14, 2020, the latest album by F.R.A.N. on all digital music platforms. At the moment the album is having a very good reception, we will inform you of everything that happens. Thank you...


The green forest (Mother)

After 3 years without recording anything, I am delighted to send you what is my fifth album under the pseudonym F.R.A.N., which will be on all digital platforms on May 14. I hope and I sincerely hope that you like it, since it has been the most meticulous and produced album of all those I have composed, and I dedicate it entirely to the most important person I have had in my life, my mother.


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